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Our Story

Max's Imports is an Importer & Distributor of Specialty Foods sourced from the some of the finest regions in Europe. Since 1982, we ensure that our products are produced with the best ingredients possible, and the best manufacturing processes available.

Mission Statement

Our mission is simple. Deliver great quality products to great quality customers. 

We provide our retail customers with the best sales assistance and distribution service available, allowing them to be satisfied with the wide selection of products we have to offer at a competitive price. Our brand awareness and marketing tactics online target our consumers every day in retail stores, allowing for growth and development for some of the best specialty food products on the market. We take a close look at emerging food trends and behaviors within the industry and evaluate the best possible way to market and sell our products. 

Since 1982, Max's Imports has been importing and distributing clean, simple, and healthy packaged food products from some of the finest regions in Eastern Europe to your local supermarket, deli, retail store, and restaurants here in the US.